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Beatrice and benedick Hector berlioz was born on the 11th december 1803 in la cotest.Andre and died on the 8th march 1869 in paris.In his lifetime, he produced a number of spectacular operas.But despite his success, he remained an outsider to those in the music business and his bold innovations were sadly only recognised after his death. An 'opera comique' in two acts, the libretto was produced by hector berlioz which was based on william shakespeare's comedy much ado about nothing.It premiered on the 9th august 1862 in badenbaden at the neues theatre.It is set in 16th century messina. Scene 1:The people are waiting for the return of don pedro and his victorious army and hero is waiting for claudio in order to marry him.Beatrice, however, is waiting for benedick to argue with him.Don pedro and claudio hope to convince benedick to marry but it is ijn vain. Scene 2:The choirmaster somarone likes Mother of the Bride Dresses UK the idea of weddings so that he can show off his abilities and practices a wedding composition. Scene 3:Claudio, don pedro and leonato try to convince benedick that Cheap Prom Dresses beatrice loves him which awaken benedick's feelings for her. Scene 4:The bride hero has done the same to beatrice Homecoming Dresses UK and is happy at her upcoming marriage. Scene 1:Somarone improvises a drinking song before the wedding.However, it is as bad as the wedding song. Scene 2:Beatrice is moved at the news that benedick loves her and realises that she kept her love for him hidden when he went off to war.With great envy, she watches hero marry her husband.Beatrice and benedick argue again as the celebrations commence, but they notice the love in each other's words.Hero and claudio sign the marriage contract and beatrice and benedick join them now they realise they are in love with each other. Lian has studied archaeology, mythology and humanities for several years and has completed one degree.She is currently working on another ba before going onto her ma in archaeology.She plans to work on her phd in religious theology in order to specialize in religious archaeology. She reads anything to do with archaeology, history or mythology with a zeal that actually scares most of her family and friends!The classical world(Greece, rome and egypt)Are her preferred areas but for the last few years, she has started to venture and poke her nose in on the archaeology of asia. (She just loves to drool over the oriental men, in reality! ) On a more personal note, lian lives in birmingham and loves to travel throughout the world.She is currently learning mandarin and cantonese as well as classical greek.She has 2 beautiful dogs(Medea a pure white siberian husky and thorne a gorgeous northern inuit, but a big wuss! )And loves to read, listen to music and go to the theatre and ballet.She is of greek and british origin and is very proud of her greek roots. She also loves to hear from different people to discuss anything and everything!Feel free to contact her at any time!If you need help with any information, essays etc, just let her know and she will help you as much as she can!