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5 Sentenced for Loan Fraud Costing HUD above Attorney captain Air Jordan 5 christopher j.Christie introduced. Jordan and tortorelli were principals in county household co, corporation.Positioned in west caldwell.At their plea hearing they admitted to using agreed cheap jordans shoes with torres, schill and noce to falsify documents that were included in mortgage loan packages mailed to hud in order to get additional than 40 Federal housing administration(Federal housing administration)Insured mortgages for unqualified borrowers who were seeking to purchase homes from torres.The properties, most of of located in jersey city, were sold to the not qualified borrowers at inflated prices. The proceeds of the fraudulently obtained loans were chosen to pay torres for the homes.Jordan and tortorelli each recognized having received 25 percent of the profit that torres realized upon the sale of the homes. Jordan and tortorelli explained that in order to obtain fha insured loans for not qualified borrowers who were purchasing torres properties at inflated prices, how all the companies, torres, noce and schill falsified the mortgage loan requests and related documents that were mailed to hud.Such data files were falsified by, among alternative methods:Falsifying entries in connection with shoes: borrowers employment and income information and procuring and creating false personal income tax returns for the borrowers. Due to borrowers defaulting on many of these fraudulently obtained mortgages, hud has lost in the region of $2 million.Depending on the charges, federal housing administration, a split of hud, administered a mortgage loan insurance program to assist low and moderate income borrowers by encouraging lenders to make home loans to borrowers who might not have been able to meet conventional loan underwriting requirements. The fha administered insurance program protected lenders against loan defaults by guaranteeing payment however, if the borrower failed to make loan payments. From minimally april 1995 through as a minimum january 1998, county mortgage was approved by hud to act as a de lender to underwrite fha insured mortgages.Had been have been filed against county mortgage.I really hope loan closing, the mortgage loans package was mailed to hud for insurance endorsement.