Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses could not have wedding dinner

Best beach for a wedding Thanks for being a part of the tripadvisor travel community! Party Dresses UK Removed on:5:35 Prom Dresses UK pm, July 11, 2012 My son just got married at henderon park inn in june very nice wedding.It was for immediate family only(12 people).Since the bride had a niece and nephew(24 yo)They Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses could not have wedding dinner at henderson it is an adult only bed/breakfast.Henderson park inn recommended 790 on the gulf i would not!Here is a list of why:1.Groom had preordered2 bottles of champagne never showed up.2.Waitress spilled full glass of white wine down my dress(If she tried again she couldn have hit neckline more perfect)I had to go remove clothes to wash up(She apologized but no manager showed up no compensation for anything! )3.When groom got there ordered a crown/coke took a long time for waitress to come back and say no crown.4.Four people ordered salmon after another long time she came back and said only one salmon left.5.After we reordered most people got their salads but my husband kept waiting finally he called her over and she said he didn get one and looking at menu she realized he did so he finally got one.6. Tried to order milk for2 yo NO MILK!Didn want to put damper on such a happy occasion we waited until we got home to email.When i called manager you could tell he was mad i called = said he had dealt with my son.