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It's all about location You know in while you were sleeping when sandra bullock's character says it's amazing how exotic wisconsin isn't? Well, that line has always made me laugh, click here to see more info about bracelet charms and that's because i grew up there in a very small town called ladysmith. Like most small towns, ladysmith is a lot like cheers, a place where everyone knows your name, whether you like it or not.And when you bump into the same people day after day in a city where little, if anything, ever changes, you can't help wanting a little escape from time to time-Especially when you're a creative type in training. As long as i can remember, i've loved to read and write, and a good book always cured my insatiable travel bug.Whether it was a voyage to the seemingly otherworldly pemberly thanks to jane austen or a road trip to the mean streets of new york city where peter, fudge and even sheila the great lived in judy blume's tales of a fourth grade nothing, i always found myself enthralled by places that were far, far away.And in the absence of many opportunities to leave ladysmith, i was able to do just that whenever i visited the local library. So as much as i've loved exploring strange new worlds whenever i've hopped on a plane for work, fun or a bit of both, it's really no surprise that i had trouble settling on just one location for my own novels.Whether she was sussing up the best places to eat in belize or wandering around the hallowed haunts of london, i was able to live vicariously through what she was experiencing-And i loved every minute of it. Now it's your turn.It takes place exclusively in mexico city, but it jumps around in time from the 16th century to the 20th century to the 23rd century.Very amazing book about soul mates(Twin souls)And really cool to see mexico city in the past, present(Pretty much)And future all in one book. Fabulous post, by the way!I totally love living vicariously through my characters too.And i have to say, the name of your hometown makes me smile.Ladysmith-Sounds so proper.Like,"Have you met my ladyfriend? "Lol.Thanks so much for participating in the hop! Wow, tough question!I am really not sure that i have a favorite travel escape via novel!I suppose it would have to be the classics, those are the ones in which the location seems to effect me the most.So that narrows it down to russian literature or english literature.Ohhh, Tiffany Jewellery UK the choices!I think i have to go with the moors of northern england.Or st.Petersburg.Oh, or james michener poland!Okay the more i type the less specific i will be, so i will leave it at that: ) Dreammie_angel at yahoo dot com I honestly cannot think of a book that has"Taken"Me somewhere.I think i focus more on stories of emotions than travel.The one book that i recall very pointedly where it was set however is called room.It was a horribly traumatizing soul-Wrenching read where a little boy grew up in an 11x11 room.I am like you however, i love to travel.I think i have been to over half of the us states and have been fortunate enough to see france and spain.I love to travel and experience new things.This hop has been a blast!