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Best wedding anniversary songs Top ten anniversary songs for people who do not like cheesy love songs Love songs.Just the mention of those two words together usually creates an instant gag reflex to most"Music snobs. "Music fans who grew up"Left of the dial"Listening to alternative radio are often besieged by cheesiness when it comes to love songs.However, it was these same"Music snobs"Whom would spend countless high school and collegiate Cheap Prom Dresses UK hours creating the perfect mix for their significant others.Now that we have all aged and perhaps settled down, here is a list of appropriate songs, from classic, to new wave, and some adult alternative to use for an anniversary theme. 1. "Anniversary song"By the cowboy junkies.Although the title says it all, the lyrics and melody provide and uncomplicated honest declaration of simple spousal love.And i don't know how i survived those days/before i held your hand/well, i never thought that i'd be the one/to admit that the moon and the sun shine/so much brighter when/seen through two pair of eyes than/when seen with just one 2. "Five days in may"By blue rodeo.One of my favorite songs happens to be a song written about the finding of one's wife.I know my past/you were there/in everything/ i've done/you are the one. 3. "Wedding song"By tracy chapman.Unlike some chapman songs of pain and sorrow, here she writes a beautiful love Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses song about marriage.Can i get a witness. 4. "My girl"By the temptations.A motown classic that stands the test of time. 5. "I will"By the beatles.A love song that is not on the cheesy wedding list only because it is a beatles song! 6. "For you"By john denver.Do not be scared off by this john denver song as it is probably the most beautiful sincere love song ever written. 7. "Space aged love song"By the flock of seagulls.This is one of those songs that you always forget about until you hear it and remember how great it is.A lesser known of the flock of seagulls songs, but yet probably the best. 8. "Just like heaven"By the cure.An unusually happy love song for the kings of goth.How can one not dance and be happy in love with this song playing in the background? 9. "Pure"By the lightning seeds.Clever quirky writing by a british band. 10. Party Dresses UK "Flowers in the window"By travis.This list ends with a classic travis song that was used in the movie"Saved. "